Our Marine tooling includes plugs, open molds, RTM Light tooling, and mold reconditioning. Our tooling has been used on everything from hulls, decks, cockpit liners, and stringers for a variety of watercraft ranging from runabouts to luxury motor cruisers. With nearly 30 years of building marine tooling, Christensen understands that their customers rely on them for show and productions schedules, and is proud to have never missed a show deadline.

RTM Light Tooling

If the closed mold processes of RTM Light match your design and volume requirements, Christensen has the experience to build some of the largest RTM tooling in the US.

From the carefully designed and constructed metal support bases to the exceptional gelcoat surface finishes, CFT builds quality in from the start making your production process run smooth and efficient.

fiberglass boat mold
fiberglass mold for boat hull
fiberglass mold for marine industry
fiberglass boat mold